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Re: Boxed legend not correct size

From: Ben Abbott
Subject: Re: Boxed legend not correct size
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 08:03:25 -0500

On Feb 24, 2012, at 6:07 AM, am304 wrote:

> Just to update: I moved to GNU Octave 3.6.0 and gnuplot 4.4.4 and that hasn't 
> solved the problem. In fact it's created some more with the labelling of the 
> axes and the display of the grid lines, see my other post). Trying to put the 
> legend in the nw location also doesn't put it in the top let corner, but 
> somewhere in the middle of the plot (but still at the top). The space it 
> takes (when boxed) remains the same though. Thanks, Arnaud 
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For Octave 3.6.x, you may be happier using the FLTK toolkit for graphics.

        close all
        graphics_toolkit fltk
        plot (rand (3))
        legend ({"first", "second", "third"}, "location", "northwest")


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