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Re: Not getting Poisson Noise in octave

From: Terry Duell
Subject: Re: Not getting Poisson Noise in octave
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2012 11:02:22 +1100
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Hello Carnë,

On Mon, 03 Dec 2012 10:14:55 +1100, Carnë Draug <address@hidden> wrote:


You could also try something like this...

bb = aa + 3/256*randn(h,w);
where h,w are the height, width of aa.

The first approach takes 13.74 sec here, for my little test image. The
second takes about 0.01 sec.
The results appear quite similar, but I guess it depends on your particular


I'd be most thankful if you could submit a patch to add this to the
image package. The imnoise function already exists in the image
package, it's just missing this option. There's a switch block for the
type so should be very easy to implement it. Just send me a patch (or
better, post it on the tracker) and I'll
make the commit.

I don't think I have the foggiest idea of how one would go about doing that, meaning where the above would fit into the scheme of things in imnoise, and how to make a patch. I would if I could...but I think it would take me too long to figure out what I had to do. When I have some time and inclination, I will see if I can understand how the above code snippet should fit into imnoise, and how to make a patch. One of the problems is that by the time I get around it, I'll probably have forgotten :-)

Terry Duell

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