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java package - aa= javaObject('java.lang.Byte',uint8(1));

From: scotth2o
Subject: java package - aa= javaObject('java.lang.Byte',uint8(1));
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 11:56:06 -0700 (PDT)


I'm trying to make octave communicate with a java API used for ssh/sftp etc
... I'm using java 1.2.9 & octave 3.4.3 on (old) fedora linux. The java
method requires the following:

 byte[] readMatlab(ch.ethz.ssh2.SFTPv3FileHandle, long, byte[], int, int) 

The following syntax works in matlab:

    >> out=h.readMatlab(fid.filehandel,...
                                    uint32(fid.fileoffset), ...
                                    uint8(zeros(1,nsz)), ...
                                    uint16(0), ...

I've tried several variations of the matlab syntax above and I think the
best guess at something that should work in octave is below. 

            >>        iout=javaArray('java.lang.Byte',nsz); 
            >>        iout=java_invoke(h,'readMatlab', ...
                               javaArray('java.lang.Byte',nsz), ...
                               java_new('java.lang.Integer',0), ...

Unfortunately it doesn't work & I'm wondering where to look for additional
debug information. My guess is the java byte array is what is screwing
things up  & I think it all boils down to the following line which I can't
make run.

  >> aa= javaObject('java.lang.Byte',uint8(1));

Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks in advance & best regards


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