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Reading/Manipulating a csv file with columns that have different data ty

From: frobeniustaco
Subject: Reading/Manipulating a csv file with columns that have different data types
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 08:13:51 -0700 (PDT)

Hi folks!


First off, here is a small sample of the data I'm working with:



Here's what I want to do with it, once I get it read into Octave:

Columns 1, 3, and 4:  I'll want to sort by month, shift (there will b 3
different strings as values) and machine id (also 3 different values).

Columns 5-8:  I'll want to do some calculations with these:


I have been searching far and wide for a method of getting my data into
octave in such a way that I can manipulate it as described above.  I have
been able to at least read it a couple different ways (csvread, csv2cell,
etc) but if I try to do any arithmetic on columns 5-8 I get errors.

Anyone have an idea how I can get the data setup so I can reach those
objectives?   The most frustrating part of all this I have a pretty
confident vision of how the rest of my script will look but I can't for the
life of me figure out the upload (which seems like it should just be a few
lines, at best).


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