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fminunc does not display anything

From: Jose Marcos Ferraro
Subject: fminunc does not display anything
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 18:27:10 +0000


I am trying to use but fminunc but I am having trouble.

In order to find out more I tried

options = optimset('GradObj', 'off', 'MaxIter', 10,'Display',’iter’);

[par, cost , info] = fminunc(@(t)(erro_solo(t,precos_solo,solo,rendas)), t_inicial, options);

But it does not display anything at all, so I cannot figure out what is wrong.

The real problem is that it is stopping after only three iterations  , on a point that is clearly not a local minimum, even if I decrease TolX and TolFun to very small values, giving termination criteria as 1 (1Converged to a solution point. Relative residual error is less than specified by TolFun. )

I am running 3.8.2 on cygwin.

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