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ECCN Request for GNU Octave 3.8.2

From: Boening, Gerhard
Subject: ECCN Request for GNU Octave 3.8.2
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2015 13:19:52 +0200

Dear Ladies and gentlemen,


for legally compliant automatic software distribution over FrontRange DSM7 we need the Export Control Numbers (ECCN, AL, customs tariff).

Many manufacturers provide ECC-numbers if the software has U.S. origin. For software with German origin, there is usually a so-called "Zoll-Tarfif"

or a Cast Numbers. If the software has none of the information above, this might be also an possible outcome of our request.


Would you encourage you to send the / the following (s) software product (s), the Export Control Classification Number (short: ECCN) or / and CCAST.

Alternatively, please send me the export list number (abbreviated AL) and if available a customs tariff number for the export of your software. Please

check also whether the software is recorded in the latest EU dual-use goods list (428/2009 // 1382/2014).


-          GNU Octave 3.8.2


If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact me (address@hidden).


Thank you and have a nice week


Gerhard Boening

Phone +49 228 841-480
Fax     +49 228 841-68516

Drachenburgstrasse 1
53170 Bonn/Germany

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