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Re: building error

From: Ben Abbott
Subject: Re: building error
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2015 09:31:56 -0400

On Sep 11, 2015, at 8:09 AM, Sungwon Shin <address@hidden> wrote:


I want to build octave, but failed, failed, failed,,,
I have tried following steps (mostly written in the HACKING.txt)

1. sudo apt-get build-dep octave
2. sudo apt-get install mercurial
4. sudo apt-get install bison
5. sudo apt-get install gnulib
6. ./bootstrap --gnulib-srcdir=/usr/bin/
7. mkdir ./build
   cd ./build
8. make

And after 'make' I got the error message above screenshot.

what should i do? could you help me? please? plz,,,


p.s. i'm a beginner on linux system 

For posting to this list, please copy-n-paste the text from your terminal session (i.e.  not a bitmap). The text will be arcieved and can be searched by others at a later time … the bitmaps will not be included.

It looks like you are running Ubuntu. I suspect the version of Octave available for your version of Ubuntu is not 4.x. Hence, "sudo apt-get build-dep octave” will not install dependencies that are new to version 4.x.

The error indicates that you do not have rsvg-convert. To install rsvg-convert, type the command below at your terminal’s prompt.

sudo apt-get install librsvg2-bin


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