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Unable to get function changes outside the function.

From: Manpreet Dhiman
Subject: Unable to get function changes outside the function.
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 09:36:59 -0700 (PDT)

Hello everyone,I am creating a function for my project named "CivilOctave ".
In this I have to write complete code using different different functions.
Firstly , I created function for calculation of Stiffness_matrix, Because
some function calculations depends upon it. But I am unable to get
stiffness_matrix outside the function. Which means that when I display
stiffness_matrix inside the function, It works. But Whenever I display it
outside the function (anywhere in main.m file) it display
Stiffness_matrix=stif(Stiffness_storey)Number_of_storeys=4;for  storey_i =
1:Number_of_storeys  Stiffness_matrix(storey_i, storey_i) = ...   
Stiffness_storey(storey_i);  if (storey_i < Number_of_storeys )   
Stiffness_matrix(storey_i, storey_i) = ...      Stiffness_matrix(storey_i,
storey_i) + ...      Stiffness_storey(storey_i + 1);   
Stiffness_matrix(storey_i, storey_i + 1) = ...      -
Stiffness_storey(storey_i + 1);    Stiffness_matrix(storey_i + 1, storey_i)
= ...      Stiffness_matrix(storey_i, storey_i + 1);   endif
enddisp(Stiffness_matrix);    //works shows calculated correct
values.enddisp(Stiffness_matrix);  //did not work, show zeros
matrix.stif(Stiffness_storey);  //calling

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