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Re: How to setup Octave for GPU CUDA computing

From: Jeff Layton
Subject: Re: How to setup Octave for GPU CUDA computing
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2016 16:26:37 -0400
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On 07/09/2016 09:40 AM, Andreas Weber wrote:
Am 09.07.2016 um 11:16 schrieb Zoltán Szabó:

I am using the xcorr
<> function
from Octave's signal package on Linux. It has a bunch of fft, ifft,
conj, etc in the script. How to configure/compile Octave to use CUDA
capabilities specifically for this xcorr function? Maybe using cuFFT
somehow? Which gpu-accelerated library is the best for this function?

Crosspost on stackoverflow:

This has been discussed many times and AFAIK the consents was that
linking GNU Octave to the nonfree cuBlas library violates the GPL
although you find some tutorials

I hate to jump in so late, but doesn't this imply that
you can redistribute Octave built with Intel compilers?



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