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Re: octave-4.0.3 64 bit binaries for windows

From: Tatsuro MATSUOKA
Subject: Re: octave-4.0.3 64 bit binaries for windows
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2016 11:13:06 +0900 (JST)

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> From: DavidCoe 
> To: help-octave
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> Date: 2016/7/16, Sat 00:29
> Subject: Re: octave-4.0.3 64 bit binaries for windows
> On 14/07/2016 02:19, tmacchant [via Octave] wrote:
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>>>  From: Tatsuro MATSUOKA 
>>>  To: DavidCoe "help-octave
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>>>  Date: 2016/7/14, Thu 10:33
>>>  Subject: Re: octave-4.0.3 64 bit binaries for windows
>>  I have removed share/nsis folder from 7z archive of x64 binary 
>>  and it is distributed as "octave-4.0.3-x64-1.7z," 
>>  (Note that the previous is "octave-4.0.3-x64-0.7z,")
>>  For installer version, I will at the moment to stop distribution.
>>  Tatsuro
> It's worth speaking with (or at least tracking) the msys2 / mingw-w64
> crew's discussions with the nsis people on 64bit cross-compilation.
> The current msys2 toolchain offers nsis-3.0-rc1 and is malware
> alert-free. Mxe and mxe-octave use nsis-2.51 with patch files largely to
> do with 64bit.
> Vanilla mxe has a more recent and larger patch file and (for me)
> produces an alert-free 64bit zip2exe. Nonetheless, I note that by
> default they skip production of some of the compiled, non-python
> binaries (including zip2exe) so there may still be problems.
> I imagine that nsis is of somewhat tangential interest to both of us but
> the problem will be/has been resolved up-stream in due course :-).
> David

I have built mxe-octave for 32 bit version.
No virus alert on zip2exe.exe investigated virus total, 
which is the same for the zip2exe.exe on the octave-official site.

Perhaps 64 bit built related this, 
however I do not now how virus positive (I think false positive) for 64 bit 

I filed this issue to the bug tracker

Further discussion will be done there.


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