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Re: COM object failed with error

From: Philip Nienhuis
Subject: Re: COM object failed with error
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2016 09:58:59 -0700 (PDT)

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BryanT07 wrote
> On Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 8:46 AM, PhilipNienhuis [via Octave] <

> address@hidden

>> wrote:
>> BryanT07 wrote
>> I have a lot of MATLAB code which runs an API through the COM interface,
>> and I am trying to see if I can port the code over into Octave.
>> The software I am running through the API is SAP2000, and here is a
>> sample
>> code that runs within MATLAB, but will error out in Octave:
>> % run only in MATLAB
>> if ~isoctave
>>     % pass data to Sap2000 as one-dimensional arrays
>>     feature('COM_SafeArraySingleDim', 1);
>>     % pass non-scalar arrays to Sap2000 API by reference
>>     feature('COM_PassSafeArrayByRef', 1);
>> end
>> % create Sap2000 object
>> SapObject = actxserver('Sap2000v15.SapObject');
>> % start Sap2000 application
>> SapObject.ApplicationStart;
>> % create SapModel object
>> SapModel = SapObject.SapModel;
>> % initialize model
>> ret = SapModel.InitializeNewModel;
>> % create new blank model
>> ret = SapModel.File.NewBlank;
>> The command "pkg load windows" is added to the .octaverc file, and it
>> looks like it successfully runs the actxserver command. However, I get
>> the
>> following error when "SapObject.ApplicationStart" is executed:
>> error: com_get: property/method invocation on the COM object failed with
>> error `0x8002000e'
>> Does anyone know why I am getting this error?
>> The code runs in MATLAB when the two feature() commands are given, and I
>> am wondering if I need a similar command in Octave.
>> What Octave version, what windows package version?
>> Just type "ver" (w/o quote) in the Octave terminal.
> Octave version is: 4.0.3
> and
> Windows package version is: 1.2.3

So those are the latest versions....

(just a hunch) Any chance Octave runs out of memory? Assuming you got the
binary installer from the main ftp site, you have a 32-bit version there.
Maybe permissions? firewalls? anti-virus SW?

As the very first method on the COM object returned from actxserver()
already fails, I'm a bit out of ideas, sorry.

Would you be able to find out what other methods can be invoked on that
object and try those? Unfortunately, "methods (<COM object>)" doesn't work
like it does for e.g., Java objects, so you'd need documentation.


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