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Figure handle is very slow, saving impossible

From: christoph
Subject: Figure handle is very slow, saving impossible
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2017 17:12:33 +0200
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I'm a very beginner in octave. I want to handle big geotif images and do multi spectral analysis of the channels. Everything seems to work very fine but when it comes to visualizing with surfaceplot function the Figure Window reacts very slow and with poor performance.
is there a possibility to improve this behavior?
And saving the image is not possible it will result in a black image.
Images with a size of 6700 X 7100 will not be displayed at all. Just smaller Imagesizes will be shown at acceptable velocity (1000X1000). What are the reasons for that? Is there a possibility to back a more powerfull imageviewer?
I'm using Debian 8 with compiled libraries of
to compile atlas 64 bit in debian I to needed to do adjustments in the file. Building with b 64 (as described in the, very good documentation) was not enough for me. I will do a new post on that if someone is interested. Back to the topic, has anyone experience in visualizing large images in octave?
greets christoph

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