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From: Etta Frost
Subject: walkie-talkie
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 16:10:00 -0400

And I think that one of them is a woman, said Tun Gan.
I leaped to my feet and ran quickly to where we had hidden the boats. I did not want Janai to know that thebrain of Vor Daj abode in the hideous skull of Tor-dur-bar. The searching party returns, remarked Gan Had; with what success, Iwonder.
He shook meroughly, and when I opened my eyes I saw that he was greatly excited.
That, said the leader, pointing, is Gooli, the largest city in theworld. It was a hideous thingto contemplate, but it was not without probability. It does not seem possible that we two shall ever find Ras Thavas, shesaid, sadly. Even so, we shall be lucky if they do not see us. If we wait until itis dark, we can pass them safely. Thecaptain of the gate advanced and greeted the commander of the returningsearch party. It was just as well, for if Ay-mad was leaving the City, Janai wouldnot be brought into it.
There, at least, was a hope; and I determinedto cling to it to the bitter end. Conceivably, it might grow and grow throughall eternity devouring and living upon itself.
We are not atwar; therefore you should let us go on our way in peace. How did you happen to be at the gate when I arrived? I thought that they had notnoticed me, but presently one of the officers approached me.
Ever since I was created, I have lived in asmall village at the end of the island. A gorgeous spectacle that never ceases toenthrall the imagination of Barsoornians. Now the hormads were running toward me, and the wholecamp was aroused.
I saw him nod his head and a half smiletouched his lips as he shot a quick glance in my direction. There is nothing that we like better than a good fight.

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