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Re: [Help-smalltalk] Smalltalk Help

From: kraehe
Subject: Re: [Help-smalltalk] Smalltalk Help
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 02:03:13 +0100
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Moin Mike Anderson,

> Stewart Stremler wrote:
> > Looks like a homework assignment was given out.
> The worst thing is that the evangelical streak in me wants to answer, at
> length. :-)

> address@hidden wrote:
> > Is smalltalk primarily a functional language, an imperative language, or a 
> > logic-programming language? 
> You can eliminate two of the options quite easily.

  /me is cheating by using google ...
  " Smalltalk is a tidier functional language than Scheme "

  and even more interesting ....
  google: smalltalk imperative language

  and its of course suited for logic programming

  google can eliminate all 3 options, i think.

> The answer to this is practically the first sentence of any Smalltalk
> introduction, and is one of the best things about Smalltalk.
> This is maybe the hardest to answer, but I think you could guess quite
> easily if you look at how variables and parameters are declared in the
> source code. This is also one of the best things about Smalltalk.

  /me has also an evangelical streak sometimes.

  Smalltalk is Smalltalk ... other languages who came later just took
  a feature out of context and hyped it. Do you agree, that most modern
  languages become more and more similar to Smalltalk every year ? Do
  you agree that now is the time, where everybody can afford a Smalltalk
  machine, unlike in the late 60s, where mainframes had a maximum of
  16MB core and thousands of users running CICS in logical partitions.

  I think the best thing about Smalltalk is that it was 30 years ahead
  of time. So lets smile and help those students in their class room
  assignment ... but I hope they not only copy and paste, but also try
  to understand it.

Bye Michael
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