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[Help-smalltalk] [bug] Send Mail from within a NetClients socket handler

From: Stephen Woolerton
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] [bug] Send Mail from within a NetClients socket handler fails
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2009 23:36:34 -0700

Issue status update for Post a follow up:

Project:      GNU Smalltalk
Version:      <none>
Component:    NetClients
Category:     bug reports
Priority:     normal
Assigned to:  Unassigned
Reported by:  swoolerton
Updated by:   swoolerton
Status:       active

Script crashing when try and send an email from within a server socket

To reproduce...
Set up a client and server as per...

At there is a
class called SMTPHelper.

To see the fault, set the server atResponse method to something like

respondTo: aRequest [
| session sessionSocket msg smtpHelper |
  "sending an email from the aRequest method crashes"
  smtpHelper := SMTPHelper new.
  SMTPHelper smtpHost: 'myMailHost'.
  smtpHelper sendEmailMsg: msg from: fromEmailAddr to:  toEmailAddr
subject: 'Test'.

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