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Re: [help-songanizer] Ogg Vorbis support

From: Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray
Subject: Re: [help-songanizer] Ogg Vorbis support
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 16:45:57 +0000

> That would be just fantastic.
I should look into oggdir.  I actually have a bash functions file with
functions oggdvd() oggdir() and oggfile(), which is how I invoke oggenc.
oggfile() can do flac, wav, & shn (by creating an intermediary wav),
oggdir() just iterates over a directory, and oggdvd() will recursively
call oggdir() on a tree of directories, writing the output to a separate
output directory.  (not that this is relevant to your request -- I just
always think it's interesting to learn how other people handle similar

It surely is interesting to know such stuff. :-)

I see.  I wasn't sure if you wanted a cli tag editor just to create some
test oggs, or if the songanizer distribution needed to be able to edit

As far as GNU Songanizer is concerned, all that is requred is a nice
tag reader that can be invoked from the CLI and the tag information
easily extracted from the output. The more diverse formats the reader
is able to handle, the better, since then the songanizing can be done
with a broader pool of formats.

It's changed.  Sorry for the consistent misspelling in yesterday's mail,
I was trying to finish up @ work quickly & go home


I've been meaning to try it (now that you've reminded me -- I had actually
forgotten all about it, so I'm glad I signed up for the mailing list)

Since you are on the list, I would suggest you send your replies to
the list too. Since I am also on the lit you relly do not need to mail
me directly in most cases. The advantage of posting to the list is
that things get publicly archived for future reference and other list
members also get to know whats happening.

Truthfully, I'm a little concerned about relying 100% on the content of
the tags.  Sun Ra is a good example, he had a playful way of changing
his band's name:

and then the variations,

  Sun Ra and his Arkestra
  Sun Ra and the Arkestra
  Sun Ra & his Arkestra
  Sun Ra & the Arkestra

It seems like (for jazz fans, at least), one would need an rdbms-aware
tag editor, but even if all of the variations are standardized, and
tagged consistently, then there is lost data

See these things are so interesting if put on the list and can help in
the improvement of the program. :-) Currently it does take care of
tags like: "koRn", "Korn", etc. by clubbing them under "korn". There
is a flag to control this case-sensitive or insensitive behaviour.

Happy hacking,
Don't be humble ... you're not that great.
                                             -- Golda Meir

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