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Re: random texinfo questions

From: karl
Subject: Re: random texinfo questions
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 08:55:02 -0400

    you mean dvi version, right?  i thought texinfo outputted dvi and
    you'd use other tools to get pdf and ps.

To get ps, yes, you'd run dvips.  To get PDF, you can either run dvipdf
or (more likely these days) run pdftex on the original.  (Or texi2dvi --pdf.)

    but the texinfo documentation specifies how you'd probably want a
    "COPYING" node to appear right before the introduction.  

That's a different matter.  Anyway, I think it's probably better, in
terms of readability, to have the COPYING node at the end if you have it.

    i can't
    think of a good reason to NOT have the copyright notice displayed in
    html and info.  

The question is where to put it.  It's annoying to put it at the very
beginning, since there's no real reason to make it be the first thing
that every user has to see.  That's not what they're interested in.

I've asked rms.

    many gnu manuals do this.  

And many don't.

    but if you do it, then it seems you have multiple copyright notices
    in the printed manual.

It would have to be conditionalized, that's all.  @ifnottex ...
The situation for printed manuals is fine.  The copyright notice
should be on the back of the title page, where it is now.


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