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[help-texinfo] texi2html trouble

From: Andreas Falkenhahn
Subject: [help-texinfo] texi2html trouble
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011 18:09:19 +0100


I'm currently experiencing some trouble trying to convert my *.texi 
into the HTML format. I want to convert my *.texi doc into a framed HTML 
The table of contents should be in the left frame and I want the actual 
contents in
the right frame. Each node in my texi file should be stored as a separate 
*.html file.
Thus, I'm running texi2html like this:

texi2html -frames -split node foo.texi

The result is gazillions of these warnings:

** fooNode doesn't appear in menus
** `fooChapter' is up for fooNode', but has no menu entry for this node

I have the feeling that I'm getting these two warnings for every node in my 
But why? How to fix that? There are zero warnings when running texi2pdf on this
document... and it's over 700 pages! Why does texi2html suddenly begin to lament
about it when texi2pdf deals with it just fine?

Nevertheless, the conversion to HTML somewhat works and 800 single HTML
files are written to the current directory, including a foo_frame.html entry 
However, when I select a chapter now in the left frame (e.g. Chapter 1), the
sections of that very chapter are NOT shown! The HTML page that is displayed
in the right frame when I click on a chapter in the left frame is simply a dummy
HTML that doesn't contain anything more than the heading of the chapter! The
chapter's section aren't listed on this page which looks very confusing!

So could anyone help me to get this working correctly? I've read through the
documentation a bit and it seems that a lot can be achieved with these init
files, but honestly, that looks far too complex for my purposes! I think what I
want should be quite trivial: texi2html should just give me a two-framed HTML
with the TOC on the left and the contents on the right. I hope this can be 
without having to write a customized init file first...

What is even more strange is that the CHM target works perfectly and absolutely
none of the warnings cited above appear!! When I use chm.init as the init
file, texi2html creates a complete, ready to use HTML Help project. That was
surely very convenient! I'd just wish that it could also give me a nice 
HTML version of my texi doc this easily...



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