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[zile-devel] Question on changing the META key in Zile

From: Tom Mydosh
Subject: [zile-devel] Question on changing the META key in Zile
Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2004 11:06:00 -0400


I am new to Linux, and am running Debian on a PC.

Zile runs great!

When running Zile in an xterm, I have to use ESC as the META key. I would like 
to use the ALT keys as the META key. I have tried using xmodmap to change the 
keysyms, ie: xmodmap -e "keysim Alt_L = Meta_L" and xmodmap -e "keysym Alt_R = 
Meta_R". xev reports that the bindings have changed, but when I run zile, the 
alt keys do not act as META keys. For example, typing ALT-v, instead of acting 
as PGUP, gives "Buffer is readonly:HELP". I do not have a .zilerc file.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time,

Tom Mydosh
Rochester NY

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