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Re: [Ifile-discuss] Ifile

From: Preben Randhol
Subject: Re: [Ifile-discuss] Ifile
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 18:14:38 +0200
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Jason Rennie <address@hidden> wrote on 17/04/2003 (17:44) :
> Yeah, ifile is low-overhead and speedy.  You won't get as good spam
> filtering as spam assassin.  Spam assassin takes advantage of a much
> better set of features than ifile.  But, I guess that's the perl vs. C 
> tradeoff... :)

As far as I know Spamassassin is not a Bayesian spam filter, but a
pattern matching spamfilter, so to compare is not easy. Besides I
couldn't have spamassassin sort my mailinglist mails :-) Ifile works
great on the mailinglists where I had lots of e-mail to train it with.
However it still thinks the ifile mailinglist mails should be in the Vorbis
folder, but I made some macros in mutt so I can retrain each mail to the
correct folder so it will get there I think :-)


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