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[Ifile-discuss] Re: Maildir format

From: clemens fischer
Subject: [Ifile-discuss] Re: Maildir format
Date: 14 May 2003 12:01:36 +0200
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Jack Bertram <address@hidden>:

>> how about "cat $MAILDIR/cur/* | procmail ..."  :) ?
> This will feed all the messages into one procmail process, rather than
> each message into a separate process.  I suppose this is possible, but
> it's not the behaviour in the original script.

you're right, i was focusing on the unneccessary ls(1), so i should
have written:

  for msg in $MAILDIR/cur/*; do cat $msg | procmail -m FOLDER =$MAILDIR 
bin/refile.learn.rc; done

btw, since i don't let a bayesian tool sort raw emails into several
folders anymore, i only need it for spam/ham refiling.  such a tool
should read base64 and be prepared to digest entire mboxes: for this
bogofilter.sf.net seems quite good.  i just wish it had the simple
database from ifile, because it seems more trouble than benefit to
employ the BErkeleyDB for this.  also one could do the classifying
"just in time", ie. right before mail-browsing than as part of mail
delivery itself.  this would also enable users to setup their own

so what bogofilter essentially does for me is decoding base64.  to bad
there's no uncomplicated tool to do this separately.  i gleaned from a
similiar discussion on gmane.org that such a tool is hard to come by
and quite voluminous.  (sigh).

i only know that the metamail tool doesn't cut it, because it can't
decode RFC-encoded umlauts in RFC822 headers (tried it and failed).


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