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Re: [Ifile-discuss] Re: Maildir format

From: Jonadab the Unsightly One
Subject: Re: [Ifile-discuss] Re: Maildir format
Date: 26 May 2003 07:37:59 -0400
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Jack Bertram <address@hidden> writes:

> > # Perhaps it should be:
> > # for mbox in $(ls -a $MAILDIR/)
> Yes
> > # However that has extra stuff as well in it (. and ..)
> You need to modify the if statement...

If you want the results of ls -a without . and .. you may be able to
just use ls -A

I don't know how portable that is, but hey, if it was supposed to be
portable it wouldn't use ls in the first place but would be written in
pure Perl ;-)

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