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Re: [igraph] error plotting A graph with attributes example

From: Jarrett Byrnes
Subject: Re: [igraph] error plotting A graph with attributes example
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007 15:43:39 -0800

After a good deal of fiddling, it appears the problem is having a vertex attribute called "name".  Instead, if you change it to names (and use V(g)$names thereafter) and then in the tkplot statement, use
tkplot(g, layout=layout.kamada.kawai, edge.color=E(g)$color, labels=names(ids))
for short names or
tkplot(g, layout=layout.kamada.kawai, edge.color=E(g)$color, labels=V(g)$names)
for long names, you're all good.

This should be changed in the tutorial.

On Mar 3, 2007, at 1:57 PM, Jarrett Byrnes wrote:

# Read the files first

traits <- read.csv("traits.csv", head=FALSE)

rel <- read.csv("relations.csv", head=FALSE)

# Create the graph, add the vertices


g <- graph.empty()

g <- add.vertices(g, nrow(traits),

                     name=as.character(traits[,1]), age=traits[,2],


# Extract first names from the full names

names <- sapply(strsplit(V(g)$name, " "), "[",1)

ids <- 1:length(names)-1

names(ids) <- names

# Create the edges

from <- as.character(rel[,1])

to <- as.character(rel[,2])

edges <- matrix(c(ids[from], ids[to]), nc=2)

# Add the edges

g <- add.edges(g, t(edges),


      friend=rel[,4], advice=rel[,5])

#plot it

E(g)$color <- "black"

E(g)[ room=="y" ]$color <- "red"

tkplot(g, layout=layout.kamada.kawai, edge.color=E(g)$color)

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