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[igraph] Need a graph layout that uses edge weights

From: Rick Borovoy
Subject: [igraph] Need a graph layout that uses edge weights
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2007 14:29:31 -0400



Can anyone help me find / make a layout algorithm that factors in edge weights?   For example, in the case of a spring-type algorithm, the spring constants would be greater on larger-weighted edges. 


The real problem:  I want to draw a network diagram where the nodes correspond to groups of people, and the link weights correspond to how many connections there are between two groups.   It should get laid out so that groups that have the most connections between them are close to each other in the graph. 


As a work-around, I created a graph with n edges between a  given pair of nodes, where n = the number of connections between the two groups.  It did not produce the desired effect, however, when I laid it out using Spring, Fructerman-Rheingold, Kamanda.Kawai, etc.  


Any guidance would be much appreciated.



Rick Borovoy


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