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[igraph] Average Path Length / Diameter

From: Thomas F. Brantle
Subject: [igraph] Average Path Length / Diameter
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 20:43:10 -0500

Gabor and Others:


I know that those computations involving “shortest path” analyses will be fairly “costly and time consuming” from a computational point of view (i.e., m*n).  Please let me give you a general idea of my network data and other potential computer resource constraints.


The primary network data that I want to analyze includes a few datasets of approximately 2 – 3 million nodes and 10 – 30 million links, each. For these shortest path (e.g., average shortest path length) computations I assume that my network is “undirected” and I also expect the largest or giant component to include 90-99% of the nodes.


For these analyses I’m using an 8GB/2800MHz Linux (Ubuntu) server. Given these computing constraints, I would greatly appreciate your suggestions on a computing (and computational) strategy for my network dataset analyses. I’ve estimated that the computation could take a month or more.


Given this issue, is there a convergence strategy, computational sampling, numerical approximation or other alternative that may be incorporated? I’ve searched the literature and haven’t seen this issue directly addressed, unless I just missed it.


If you have any ideas or a suggested computational strategy I’d greatly appreciate it.





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