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Re: [igraph] cohesive.blocks V0.5

From: uxzmdlj02
Subject: Re: [igraph] cohesive.blocks V0.5
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 12:42:15 -0600

I can take a look at this, but first I'll need the 0.5. What's the easiest way to get that code (or at least the cohesive.blocks() part)?

On Feb 12, 2008, at 12:27 PM, Uri Shwed us2121-at-columbia.edu |igraph- help| wrote:

Hi Gabor and all,
I need to get cohesive blocks for a networks >12k nodes...I understood that I should get V0.5 for that, but it doesn't work for me...
Anyone tried this already? Here's what I get:
Error in UseMethod("as.double") : no applicable method for "as.double"
It worked with v0.45 on some of my smaller networks, now those don't work either.
Any ideas?

Uri Shwed
ISERP, Columbia University
Room 805, 420 W 118th St.
New York 10027 NY
Tel: 212 854 9374

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