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[igraph] Question on igraph_community_fastgreedy

From: Richard Geddes
Subject: [igraph] Question on igraph_community_fastgreedy
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 16:14:06 -0500
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I'm interested in using the igraph_community_fastgreedy function:

int igraph_community_fastgreedy(const igraph_t *graph,
  const igraph_vector_t *weights,
  igraph_matrix_t *merges, igraph_vector_t *modularity);

in a c++ program, and I see only 3 of the 4 function arguments described in the documentation.  In particular, the

const igraph_vector_t *weights

argument has no description... are these the weights described as the heuristics in the Wakita paper? 

Also, if I'm not interested in weights, can I use NULL?


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