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RE: [igraph] Problem loading Graphml file with edge weights in igraph

From: Tamas Nepusz
Subject: RE: [igraph] Problem loading Graphml file with edge weights in igraph
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 18:57:36 +0100

Hi Rui,

> I've corrected as you suggested (apologies for the stupid mistake in the
> first place), but python still crashes. I attach the corrected graphml file.
> I'm running active state python in windows Vista 32 bit.
Currently I only have the chance to test things on Linux and OS X; it
works there and there is not a single bit of memory leaking, so things
are in general OK, at least in the C layer of igraph.

However, I remember having problems at the boundary of the Python and
the C layer in Windows _when_ a FILE* pointer is passed through that
boundary (that is the case when you read a GraphML file) AND the version
numbers of the C runtime used by Python and the igraph C core are
different. This _could_ be the case for ActiveState Python and
igraph 0.5, since igraph 0.5 (at least the one in the Windows installer)
was compiled with MinGW which links to version 6.0 of the Microsoft C
runtime and ActiveState Python links to version 7.1.

I have just uploaded the Windows installers for python-igraph 0.5.1 a
few days ago to the Python Package Index. Gabor struggled a lot until he
finally managed to compile and link it against version 7.1 of the C
runtime, so it might solve your problem (unless you are already using
0.5.1 :)). So please try the installer for 0.5.1 and let us know if it
resolved your issues or not.


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