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Re: Re: [igraph] Installing python-igraph on MAC OS X (tiger)

From: alessandro . antonucci
Subject: Re: Re: [igraph] Installing python-igraph on MAC OS X (tiger)
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2008 10:01:29 +0000

Thanks a lot for your reply!

> [...]

> 1. Look for a file called libigraph.dylib. This is the compiled C core. For me, it's in /usr/lib, but it could be pretty much anywhere ;) (If Spotlight is not able to find it, try "find / -name libigraph.dylib" from the command line).

The file was already in the /usr/lib directory.

> 2. Add the directory which contains libigraph.dylib to LIBIGRAPH_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_DIRS and try to reinstall.

I've added the /usr/lib directory to the LIBIGRAPH_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_DIRS variable
in the setup.py file, but nothing different happens.

Best regards,

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