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[igraph] two questions from a new member

From: Zhang Meng
Subject: [igraph] two questions from a new member
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 15:45:08 +0800

Hi all,
This is a new member of igraph solving the calculation of average shortest path length, diameter, cluster coefficient, k-cliques etc with size=100000(nodes) and edge higher 5000000(that is 100000*50), recommended by CFinder team for high efficient program.
Here I downloaded igraph and found it is mainly for Unix environment. For me the network model is created using my program in matlab, and want to call igraph's functions in matlab under windows environment to calculate its features such as average shortest path length, k-Cliques..., so can you tell me how to compile the igraph using MinGW or other compilers? (As I know, there are so many compilers in MinGW and I don't know which one to use.)
Another question is, how long will it take to calculate the average shortest path length and k-cliques(where I want to know the number of 3-clique, 4-clique, 5-clique,...) using functions in igraph?



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