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[igraph] How to remove vertex attribute in python igraph

From: Simone Gabbriellini
Subject: [igraph] How to remove vertex attribute in python igraph
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 14:25:33 +0100

Dear List,

sorry for another "difficult" question,

I've already asked how to add vertex attribute, and now I am here to
ask how to remove them...

Is there in python there something like remove.vertex.attribute(graph,
'attribute')... I couldn't find it in the docs...

the reason I need to delete attributes is that if I try to write in
.net format my graph, I have an error:

Assertion failed: (sv->data != 0), function igraph_strvector_get, file
../../src/igraph_strvector.c, line 121.
/Applications/Enthought/EPD Py25 v4.1.30101/PyLab (IPython).command:
line 2: 11605 Abort trap

my code is:
igraph.Graph.write(network, f=filename, format="net")

a file is produced, but I suspect the error occurs when it tries to
write the color attribute of the node...
here it is what is written in the file:

*Vertices 50
1 "Lukather"

thank you...


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