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Re: [igraph] igraph compilation with Cygwin

From: Josep Bau
Subject: Re: [igraph] igraph compilation with Cygwin
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 13:19:18 +0200

Hi Gabor,
Below I'm pasting the error message and the text in the makefile from line 690 to the end (764).



MAKE Version 4.0  Copyright (c) 1987, 1996 Borland International

Error makefile 694: Colon expected

Error makefile 711: Colon expected

Error makefile 722: Colon expected

Error makefile 765: Colon expected

*** 4 errors during make ***

And this is the makefile from line 690 to the end:

uninstall-am: uninstall-pkgconfigDATA

    install-exec-am install-strip

    all all-am am--refresh check check-am clean clean-generic \
    clean-libtool ctags ctags-recursive dist dist-all dist-bzip2 \
    dist-gzip dist-hook dist-lzma dist-shar dist-tarZ dist-zip \
    distcheck distclean distclean-generic distclean-hdr \
    distclean-libtool distclean-tags distcleancheck distdir \
    distuninstallcheck dvi dvi-am html html-am info info-am \
    install install-am install-data install-data-am install-dvi \
    install-dvi-am install-exec install-exec-am install-exec-hook \
    install-html install-html-am install-info install-info-am \
    install-man install-pdf install-pdf-am install-pkgconfigDATA \
    install-ps install-ps-am install-strip installcheck \
    installcheck-am installdirs installdirs-am maintainer-clean \
    maintainer-clean-generic mostlyclean mostlyclean-generic \
    mostlyclean-libtool pdf pdf-am ps ps-am tags tags-recursive \
    uninstall uninstall-am uninstall-pkgconfigDATA

    if test -f $(top_builddir)/src/.libs/cygigraph-0.dll ; \
        then cp $(top_builddir)/src/.libs/cygigraph-0.dll \
        $(DESTDIR)$(libdir) ; fi

    rm -rf `find $(distdir)/examples -type d -name .arch-ids`

.PHONY: dox deb debcvs framework msvc

    doxygen Doxyfile

deb: clean
    dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

framework: all
    rm -rf $(top_builddir)/igraph.framework
    mkdir -p $(top_builddir)/igraph.framework/Versions/$(VERSION)/Headers
    mkdir -p $(top_builddir)/igraph.framework/Versions/$(VERSION)/Resources
    ln -s $(VERSION) $(top_builddir)/igraph.framework/Versions/Current
    ln -s Versions/Current/Headers $(top_builddir)/igraph.framework/Headers
    ln -s Versions/Current/Resources $(top_builddir)/igraph.framework/Resources
    cp $(top_srcdir)/include/* $(top_builddir)/igraph.framework/Headers/
    cp $(top_builddir)/src/.libs/libigraph.dylib $(top_builddir)/igraph.framework/Versions/Current/igraph
    ln -s Versions/Current/igraph $(top_builddir)/igraph.framework/igraph
    cp $(top_builddir)/igraph_Info.plist $(top_builddir)/igraph.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/Info.plist

test: all
    for i in interfaces/*; do \
        if [ -x $$i/test.sh ]; then \
          $$i/test.sh; \
         fi; \

msvc: all
    rm -rf $(top_builddir)/igraph-$(VERSION)-msvc
    mkdir $(top_builddir)/igraph-$(VERSION)-msvc
    cp -r src $(top_builddir)/igraph-$(VERSION)-msvc/
    rm -rf $(top_builddir)/igraph-$(VERSION)-msvc/src/{.deps,.libs}
    rm -rf $(top_builddir)/igraph-$(VERSION)-msvc/src/config.h
    rm -rf $(top_builddir)/igraph-$(VERSION)-msvc/src/*.{o,lo}
    cp -r msvc/include $(top_builddir)/igraph-$(VERSION)-msvc/winclude
    mkdir $(top_builddir)/igraph-$(VERSION)-msvc/winlib
    cp msvc/igraph.{sln,vcproj} $(top_builddir)/igraph-$(VERSION)-msvc/
    cp -r msvc/igraphtest .
    rm -rf igraph-$(VERSION)-msvc.zip
    zip -r igraph-$(VERSION)-msvc.zip igraph-$(VERSION)-msvc igraphtest
# Tell versions [3.59,3.63) of GNU make to not export all variables.
# Otherwise a system limit (for SysV at least) may be exceeded.

2009/8/12 Gábor Csárdi <address@hidden>
Hi Pep,

so there are errors in the Makefile? That is quite strange if you use
GNU make. Can you copy and paste the whole error message?


On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 1:02 PM, Josep Bau<address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi there!
> I'm a newby trying to compile igraph with Cygwin.
> I downloaded the source igraph-0.5.2 and got it successfully configured but
> had problems when making it. I got 4 errors during make stating 'Colon
> expected' in lines 694, 711,  722 and 765 of makefile.
> I'd appreciate any help.
> Pep
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