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Re: Re: [igraph] Compiling python-igraph 0.5.2. for OSX 10.5

From: Diederik van Liere
Subject: Re: Re: [igraph] Compiling python-igraph 0.5.2. for OSX 10.5
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009 19:12:56 -0400

Hi Tamas,

Thanks! it works blazingly fast!


>>>>I noticed in the setup.py file that there is macoxs 'hack' to search in the 
>>>>user home directory but it seems a bit weird. I can't find the 
>>>>libigraph.0.0dylib or should it reference to >>>>the libigraph.a?
>>>>Errrm, shame on me; that hack is there only to make "python setup.py 
>>>>bdist_mpkg" work on my Mac when I'm making a release for OS X. This is 
>>>>already fixed in the 0.6 >>>>development tree so that line gets executed 
>>>>only when the command invoked is actually bdist_mpkg. Just remove that line 
>>>>and it should be fine.

>>libigraph.a is not necessary for the extension to work; it's the static 
>>library that is useful when you are linking to igraph from C and you want to 
>>make a monolithic executable that >>includes the entire igraph library 
>>without depending on libigraph.0.dylib. For the Python extension, the only 
>>thing needed is that it must find libigraph. 0.dylib in the linker path 
>>>>when importing igraph from Python. Your best bet is probably to put it into 
>>/usr/local/lib if it's not already there.


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