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[igraph] Help with MAKE error

From: Michael Perrier
Subject: [igraph] Help with MAKE error
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2010 09:59:13 -0500
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I am trying to MAKE igraph 0.5.3

I am running newest of the following on WINXP SP3 AMD64 Dual Core, 4 GB RAM:


I ran ./Configure and had no errors

Then I ran make cmd: it was running great guns, until error happened (see make-error.txt).

I have included all files made since ./Configure from the root directory, including screen paste of make error in attached file.

Am I doing something wrong?

Do I need additional software?

Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

With many thanks in advance,

:attachment (igraph-error.rar)

Attachment: igraph-error.rar
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