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Can you imagine?

From: Chattels B. Cajoling
Subject: Can you imagine?
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 04:38:44 -0500

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He buried a folder the length of the room and scowled out at the harsh dawn light. A small wave of customs men hung stickers on my luggage, peeked into one or two for conformitys sake, and waved me through. There was no indication of whom she was talking to, and I hadnt the slightest interest. Then the service unit groaned and produced a box from some dark corner of the deep freeze. There were always fifteen, no more, no less; this practice made it easy for me to know the exact time to begin. It was a beautiful ship, and the dockyard had been lavish with their attention to detail. There were handcuffs locked on her tiny wrists and she still didnt struggle or cry out. What must it feel like to a woman? How do you live when mirrors are your enemies and people turn away rather than look at you? How do you bear life when at the same time you are blessedor cursedwith a keen and intelligent mind that sees and is aware of everything, makes the inescapable conclusions and misses not the slightest hint ofrepulsion.

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