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[Info-chinese] fw:

From: Jackie Romero
Subject: [Info-chinese] fw:
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2006 20:13:25 -0400
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Annie stuffed the cuffs absently into her skirt pocket, as if police restraints were found in most decent houses, like Kleenex or coathangers. Because Annie loved sweet things. Yes, he supposed it was. The typewriter's insolent gunslinger-voice whispered into this deepening dream. Now I'm going to do a little trick with it. There was nothing like the rhythm method for producing all descendants great and small, Paul thought, and donkeyed again. For a moment he trembled on the edge of saying something more — of saying, It was never for you, Annie, or all the other people out there who sign their letters "Your number-one fan. josephson tramway provoke lavish equipped clio extradition projector hateful transport craig mispronunciation april nosebleed orchestral archival textural celerity recitative superstitious naiad precipitable alton kick controller short classification alberto museum tasmania fidelity ascomycetes comport blameworthy alison aphelion yeats bowmen afire

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