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[Info-chinese] Re: my VALLntUM

From: Kweku Pelletier
Subject: [Info-chinese] Re: my VALLntUM
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 05:22:07 -0700

A M B B / E N
L E V V / T R A
X ^ N N A X
C / A L L / S
V / A G G R A
S O M M ^
V A L L / U M
P R R O Z ^ C
M E R / D D / A

rushed upon him. A pang of fear and loss, like an echo of Gollums
misery, smote Bilbo, and forgetting even to draw his sword he struck his
hands into his pockets. And€“ there was the ring still, in his left
pocket, and it slipped on his finger. The goblins stopped short. They
could not see a sign of him. He had vanished. They yelled twice as loud
as before, but not so delightedly. Where is it? they cried.

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