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Re: cvs pserver performance

From: HMahaffey
Subject: Re: cvs pserver performance
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 17:21:41 EST

In a message dated 1/26/01 3:52:56 PM Eastern Standard Time,
address@hidden writes:

> I have, but I think these occur when the client doesn't close down the
> connection to the server properly.  Sometimes I have pserver process
> that hangs around for a couple of days, and I (or someone else)
> kills these off by hand with kill -9.  This will leave the server
> directory around.  A normal kill seems to clean up after itself.

Interesting.  The server is supposed to use the SO_KEEPALIVE socket
option to detect broken connections; I wonder why it's not working.  And
note that kill -9 should be the last resort for dealing with hung
processes, not the first resort.

Our "/tmpcvs" directory is always filling up with directories named like
"cvs-servXXXXX" (where XXXX appears to correspond to a process id that may or
may not exist) and files named "cvsLAAa07266", which I don't know corresponds
to anything or not.  We have a script which takes the directories older than
2 days, kills proces XXXX and removes the directory.  

What causes these things?  Ctrl-c from the client?  We've noticed that it
appears as though a Ctrl-c during an "rtag" doesn't stop the server.  The
client returns, but the server runs on.

:)hal mahaffey

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