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Re: Case insensitivity ad nauseum

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: Case insensitivity ad nauseum
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 12:20:16 -0500
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Derek Robert Price wrote:

| Jim.Hyslop wrote:
| |It sounds like I'm going to be the sole dissenting voice here, at
least so
| |far. Let me explain my reasoning; it will be rather round-about, but
| |bear with me. It will (I hope) make sense in the end.
| [. . . snip . . .]
| |It won't be easy, and I'm sure the problem is rather complex, but I truly
| |believe the end results *will* be worth the extra effort involved.
| Are you volunteering to maintain this code?  I'm getting sick of it.  :)
| Seriously, case-philosophies aside, we could remove the handling from
| CVS and anyone sharing your beliefs could still install a
| case-insensitive file system on a UNIX server and put their CVS
| repository there to get the behaviour you want.
| As it stands, Windows users will only get the behavior you prefer
| _sometimes_, since as long as the repository exists on a case sensitive
| file system, files with "conflicting case" can still exist in the
| repository.
| I don't think the overhead for such a small gain, the worth of which is
| completely dependant on personal case-philosophy, and which system
| administrators can configure according to their own personal
| case-philosophy, is worth it.

To phrase this in yet another way, I do not think it should be CVS's
responsiblity to hide this feature of the server's file system, in the
same way that UNIX and Mac OS X fail to attempt to make a mounted
case-insensitive filesystem appear to be case-sensitive.

This should not be CVS's responsibility.  As far as file names and file
systems are concerned, CVS should behave as an access mechanism and _ask
the filesystem if the file exists_.  If an administrator wants a CVS
server that behaves as if its filesystem is case insensitive, then the
administrator should install the server on a case insensitive filesystem.

Jim, you had to learn to use correct case and punctuation for your
English teacher, to extend your own metaphor.  You may think jim, Jim,
and JIM refer to the same thing, but some people will interpret them
differently, especially if we bring context into the picture.  I do not
think asking CVS users on Windows  to get the case correct (and mind you
this is only for checkout and the r* commands) is much more complicated
than this.  They do already manage it for their passwords, after all.

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