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Re: Server Responses

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Server Responses
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 16:51:52 -0500 (EST)

Brice Oliver writes:
> How do I know when a response from the CVS server will have more than one
> line.  I have read the documentation on the client/server protocol, but it
> still leaves me with questions.

Then you need to read it again.  And again.  Until you really understand
it.  It has been my experience that everything you need to know is in
there, but you won't understand it all and how it fits together until
you've read it a number of times.

> For example:  Not every line that comes back to the client has one of the
> responses that is found in the valid-response list:

Yes, it does.

>                               Clear-sticky OLIVER/
>                               C:\REPOS/OLIVER/
> These two lines appear together, but does the second line always appear when
> the first line is sent back as a response?  If so, how many responses from
> the CVS server will have this type of setup?

Yes, the lines always appear together: "pathname" in the response is
actually two lines long as discussed in ``The "pathname" in responses''.

> I would like to parse the responses from the server.  Any good suggestions?

See above: keep rereading the client/server protocol documentation and
looking at log files until it all makes sense.

> I would need to strip the XML out from the response, but also be able to
> detect if there was an error and what error occurred.  Any advise would be
> great.  Thanks!

The "XML" in the response is actually file data -- you need to do
something with file data, even if that's only recognizing it and
skipping it.

-Larry Jones

My life needs a rewind/erase button. -- Calvin

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