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RE: how can I see what changes a cvs update would merge

From: Gagneet Singh
Subject: RE: how can I see what changes a cvs update would merge
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 16:07:58 +0530


For your first question search the archives for the BrowseRepoTk script
made by Oliver Giesen. This will work with the WinCVS client. You could
modify it to be used on a command line with only TCL... :-)

A quote from his mail in this respect, 
"There is no newer version of the WinCvs product package available 
(unless you count - the *only* difference to is 
support for Python 2.3.x and the version of the bundled CVSNT client 
though). The feature you are quoting is a macro I wrote. If you want you

could pull it directly from the CVSGUI repository via CVS or use the 
ViewCvs link given in . Note however

that if your server is CVSNT there already is a much more powerful 
interface available right now. Just click the elipsis button next to any

edit box requiring you to enter a module name.

However, *if* all goes well, WinCvs 1.3.14 will be released within the 
next two weeks at latest (including that macro). Be aware however that A

LOT has changed since 1.3.13 and it is anticipated that a short 
succession of bugfix releases will follow so if you want to play safe, 
you should as always wait until a new release is advertised on the 
WinCvs homepage.
Let me add however that I'm using a self-compiled version of WinCvs for 
several months already and it hasn't ever crashed or done bad things on 
me during that time at all. YMMV."

For your second question,

Currently if you are using the WinCVS client, then click on the checked
out module folder and pres F4. Others will be able to guide you better
for command line processes.


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|Subject: how can I see what changes a cvs update would merge
|How can I see the changes that a call to cvs update would do 
|to the working copy of my files, without actually applying the changes?
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