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How to detect missing CVS directories

From: Arnon Weinberg
Subject: How to detect missing CVS directories
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 22:36:20 -0500
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This problem seems like it should be common, but I haven't found it posted anywhere.

Developers may accidentally delete a CVS working directory (ie, the one with the Entries, Repositories, Root files), and not notice that they have done so. The cvs command just ignores those directories from then on, so they don't get updated. When checking out / updating a large tree, developers may not notice that this directory is then skipped.

I modified a file, then simulated a missing CVS directory as follows:
>cd ~/directory/pwd
>mv CVS CVS.bak
>cvs checkout -A -d ~/directory module
? /home/user/directory/pwd

Running cvs checkout (or cvs update) without errors or change flags generally is assumed to mean that the tree is now up to date. However, in this case, the directory is just skipped (cvs treats it like any file it doesn't recognize, even though it is in the repository), and the tree is not sync'ed.

1) How can missing CVS directories be detected?
2) How can they be restored / regenerated?

Arnon Weinberg

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