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[Info-gne] pitiless primly

From: Ray Mcelroy
Subject: [Info-gne] pitiless primly
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 18:04:18 +0900

Then why did I not prepare to do her bidding, putting aside all doubtsand fears, as she bade me?
But a servant called Nabel came in his stead, muchdisturbed. I dare write no more, for I think that I am watched; here the very walls have eyes and ears.
Thereon he fled, fearing lest they should take him also, whichthey made no attempt to do. ThenI laid it down and thought, as perhaps I had never done before. Yes, I, a man of full age and a captain of men, weptlike a girl! I lifted the letter to my lips and kissed it; then I pressed it to myheart and wept. I dare write no more, but all will be made clear at the time appointed.
Be bold and come, lest we be parted for ever.
As regards the fray in the temple, he went on, I have naught tosay, if I know anything. Would you work sacrilege against the gods and their priests? Never shall that royal brute so much as defile me with his finger tip. Yet itmay please Him to save her at the last, or it may not please Him. To all tales of conspiracies I shut my ears.
We slew them, though ofus, too, some were slain. She spoke of one whom she sent to guide me, who was a friend to her.
But by Marduk I do not knowwhy I am sent who earn my fee and ask no questions.
I felt a hand upon my shoulder and looked up. He answered somewhat sternly,Did I not tell you, Ramose, that here and nowhere else you are safe.
Moreover it was you who began them, notI. Yet itmay please Him to save her at the last, or it may not please Him. Still, part of this story may be new to you, if myfriends sister tells it truly.
I was sent to bring you as one from whom a man wouldnot flee as he might do from another man.

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