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Re: <program output> || gnuchess ??

From: Peter Billam
Subject: Re: <program output> || gnuchess ??
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 22:05:17 +0000 (UTC)
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Peter Billam wrote:
> The Xboard protocol doesn't seem to be mentioned in `man xboard`:
> is there an RFC, or a convenient web page that defines it ?

Anders Carlsson wrote:
> If nothing else, you can get the ICS client icsDrone (RoboFICS)
> which connects Gnuchess/Crafty/etc with FICS and other ICSes,
> usable for interfacing a chess computer with a chess server.
> At least the part of the connection to the chess engine should
> be according to the XBoard protocol, I presume?

There is a (the?) definition of the (a?) xboard protocol,
strangely split into 8 separate web pages starting at:

Peter Billam wrote back on 15 Apr 2004:
> Hoping it might take commands from stdin, I tried a litte shell script

and that seems to be on the right track; the definition says

   All interfaces and engines must meet the following requirements:
     * All command strings end in '\n'.
     * Processing will be done through standard input and output
       handles and components must always be able to process input.

So now I'll start trying IPC::Open2::open2 ...

Regards,  Peter Billam


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