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New ways to contribute to the FREE e-democracy project

From: Jason Kitcat
Subject: New ways to contribute to the FREE e-democracy project
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 11:55:59 +0100

Hi all,

the release of GNU.FREE ( 1.6 approaches however in the mean time several new developments mean that there are some great ways for technical and non-technical to take part in an important Free Software project.

If you're relatively confident on a certain platform then please download the latest release candidate, test it to bits and then file a report to us. This is vital in improving the quality of GNU.FREE releases.

GNU.FREE 1.6 will offer internationalisation of the client software. Adding a new language it is just a matter of translating a short text file - you don't need any technical knowledge. So please use your linguistic skills for 10-15 minutes and provide Internet Voting for another part of the global community.

In our efforts to covince government that using Free Software is a good thing it has become apparent that good case studies our needed to support our arguments. So please submit case studies of successful uses of Free Software in for-profit, non-profit or governmental organisations. We'd also appreciate volunteers to help edit and collate these case studies. It shouldn't be too time consuming and is a great way for non-programmers to take part.

Please think long and hard to see if you can contribute some time - Free Software only works if people are generous with their skills and time.

Thank you for your attention.

All the best,

           The FREE e-democracy project
 secure, private and reliable Free Software

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