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Richard Stallman receives 2001 Takeda Award

From: Ron Peterson
Subject: Richard Stallman receives 2001 Takeda Award
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 11:50:04 -0500 (EST)

I've pasted the newly created press release, which can be found at:

Tokyo, Japan - Monday, December 2, 2001 - The Takeda Foundation of Japan
has named Richard M. Stallman, president of the Free Software Foundation
and founder of the GNU project, as co-recipient of the 2001 Takeda Award.
As part of this honor, Stallman will receive a monetary award of
approximately 33 million yen (currently about US$268,000).

Dr. Stallman receives this honor for launching the Free Software Movement
and leading the development of the GNU operating system. GNU, started by
Stallman in 1984, is a completely Free Software operating system: it gives
users the freedom to copy, share, modify and redistribute the software.
The Free Software Movement, started along with GNU, advocates and defends
these freedoms worldwide.

Stallman shares the full 2001 Takeda award of 100 million yen with two
other recipients. Ken Sakamura receives the award for developing and
promoting the TRON architecture, a real-time operating system
specification for embedded systems. Linus Torvalds is honored for his work
on the operating system kernel called Linux, which is normally used
together with GNU. The GNU/Linux system, which combines GNU and Linux, has
over 20 million users worldwide.

The Takeda foundation will bestow this year's award in a ceremony in Tokyo
on December 4th. Stallman will attend the event, and speak about his work
in the Free Software Movement.

In 1990, Stallman was awarded a $240,000 fellowship by the John D. and
Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. As with the MacArthur award, Stallman
will invest the Takeda award to pay his future living expenses, so that he
can work full time promoting software freedom and coordinating the GNU
project. Stallman receives no salary nor travel expenses from the FSF and
assumes a modest living style to facilitate his continued work championing
the cause of free software.



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