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RELEASED Mailman 2.0.9

From: Barry A. Warsaw
Subject: RELEASED Mailman 2.0.9
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 15:39:14 -0500

I've just released version 2.0.9 of Mailman, the GNU Mailing List
Manager.  Mailman is released under the GNU General Public License
(GPL).  Version 2.0.9 fixes a race condition that can cause mail to
occasionally be lost, among other useful fixes.  I recommend anybody
running any version of Mailman 2.0.x to upgrade to 2.0.9, the latest
stable release.  Details of what's changed are included below.

GNU Mailman is software to help manage electronic mail discussion
lists.  Mailman gives each mailing list a unique web page and allows
users to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change their account options over
the web.  Even the list manager can administer his or her list
entirely via the web.  Mailman has most of the features that people
want in a mailing list management system, including built-in
archiving, mail-to-news gateways, spam filters, bounce detection,
digest delivery, and so on.

Mailman is compatible with most web servers, web browsers, and mail
servers.  It runs on GNU/Linux and most other Unix-like operating
systems.  Mailman 2.0.9 requires Python 1.5.2 or newer.  To install
Mailman from source, you will need a C compiler.

For more information on Mailman, including links to file downloads,
please see the Mailman web page:

And its mirrors at:

Patches and source tarballs are available at

There are email lists (managed by Mailman, of course!) for both
Mailman users and developers.  See the web sites above for details.


2.0.9 (02-Apr-2002)

    - Closed a race condition which could, under rare circumstances,
      cause the occasional message to get lost.

    - HTML escape message excerpts and headers on the admindb page so
      JavaScript and other evil tags can't mess up the display.

    - Some additional Python 2.2 compatibility fixes.

    - Unlink the footer logos so as not to bug the and maintainers as much. :(

    - Fix a crash in the DSN bounce detection module, which could
      cause some bounce messages to remain in the queue.

    - Add the RFC-2822 mandated Date: header on internally generated
      outgoing messages.  Not all MTAs add this field if missing
      (read: Qmail).

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