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GNU MDK version 1.0 released

From: Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz
Subject: GNU MDK version 1.0 released
Date: 08 Apr 2002 16:46:37 -0400

GNU MDK 1.0 has been released.  It is available from and mirrors of that site (see list of
mirror sites at [0].

GNU MDK provides a simulator of D. Knuth's MIX computer, and a
development environment to write, run and debug MIXAL programs on it.

New in this release:

** The 'stable' release.

** New command line option added to 'mixvm': -t (--time) to turn on
   virtual execution time printing (it is now off by default).

** New 'mixvm' command: prompt, lets you change the mixvm command
   prompt ("MIX > " by default).

** When the program counter reaches address 4000 during program
   execution, it wraps up to value 0, to keep always a valid
   address. Caveat: a program missing the HLT instruction can loop

** New supported platform: Mac OS X.

** User manual reviewed and updated.

** Bug fix: 'configure' libraries detection now works properly.

** Bug fix: missing #includes added to avoid compilation errors in
   some platforms (RedHat 7.1, ia64 with gcc 3.0).

Visit the MDK home page at

Bug reports should go to address@hidden


[0] GNU MDK source and binary packages can also be downloaded from

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