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GNU Typist 2.6 released

From: Michael Opdenacker
Subject: GNU Typist 2.6 released
Date: 29 Apr 2002 22:00:19 +0200

The latest release of GNU Typist is now available from and
its mirror sites.


New `typefortune' script creating lessons from `fortune', new interface
messages, lessons and manual in Czech, manual released under the GNU
Free Documentation License.

NEWS file:

Version 2.6 - April/2002
        - New `typefortune' (perl-)script which creates lessons
        from `fortune'.
        (see the new section "Using typefortune" in the manual).
        - New interface messages and manual in Czech
        from Hynek Hanke <address@hidden>.
        - New lessons in Czech from Hynek Hanke
        and Richard Susta <address@hidden>.
        - Manual now using address@hidden' as recommended in texinfo-4.2,
        and released under the GNU Free Documentation License
        (with no Invariant Sections).
        - Built with automake 1.6.1, autoconf 2.53, gettext 0.11.1
        and texinfo 4.2, following their latest guidelines.

Michael Opdenacker  address@hidden
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