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From: Sven Neumann
Subject: ANNOUNCE: GIMP 1.3.22
Date: 03 Nov 2003 13:07:18 +0100
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Hey GIMPers,

there's a new development snapshot in the 1.3 series of The GIMP,
version 1.3.22, now available for download from

or from one of the mirrors listed at

This release focuses on bug fixes and thus it should be the most
stable development release we have had to date. There are also a few
nice features which have been added since the last release. So please
give this version a lot of testing and keep those bug reports coming
in to

If you are upgrading from an earlier 1.3 release, please note that the
gimprc and sessionrc file formats changed. We suggest you remove (or
move away) your personal ~/.gimp-1.3 directory and do a fresh user

Happy GIMPing, Sven

Overview of Changes in GIMP 1.3.22
- Made GIMP compile and work with gtk+-2.3 [Yosh]
- Replaced histogram tool with a histogram dialog [Sven]
- Multi-head safety [Sven, Yosh]
- Changes for future compatibility of text layers [Sven]
- Histogram scale configurable for all tools and defaults to linear [Sven]
- Better default settings
- Completed configurability of normal and fullscreen view [Sven, Bolsh]
- GimpConfig cleanups and improvements [Mitch, Sven]
- Allow to configure the default grid in your gimprc [Brix]
- Improved session handling; store more settings like the position of
  dock panes and the selected page in the dockbook [Mitch]
- Auto-scrolling for DND in list views [Mitch]
- Refresh rendering of paint strokes more often [Mitch]
- Refactored handling of modifier keys for tools [Mitch]
- Changed the redo shortcut to Ctrl-Y [Sven]
- Numerous plug-in cleanups [Maurits, Bolsh]
- Code documentation [Bolsh, Helvetix, Sven, Mitch]
- Lots of bug fixes
Other contributors:
  Ville P├Ątsi, Simon Budig, Tor Lillqvist, Pedro Gimeno, Seth Burgess,
  Jakub Steiner, David Odin, Ed Halley, Wolfgang Hofer, Vesa Halttunen

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